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Adding a new property in your extranet


In order to add a new property in your Extranet and this to come in hotel searches, please be sure that you check next items:


1.       1. Define the supplier (if it is not in your list yet)

2.       2. Define a new property and add the general information

3.       3. Enable / disable facilities

4.       4. Add photos (as many as you want and in any resolution)

5.       5. Add boards. (The boards are predefined in the Settings menu)

Note: the boards will be defined per rooms. If you want to add the boards to be available for all the the rooms (the most of the cases), you can add the boards in this step, otherwise, if you intend to add spcific boards for specific types of rooms, you should go and define first room types and occupancies and after this you should return here.

6. Add hotel contacts (it is possible to use this information later)

7. Define room types and occupancy. Mind that you can define multiple occupancies for the same type of room. The most important aspect in this stage is that, later, when you will have to set the allotment, you will be able to define the allotment only for room types and not per occupancy and if the hotel gave you the contract where the allotment is defined per room, then is better to define one room type for each room from contract. If the hotel gave you the contract where the allocation is shared between multiple room types then you should follow the same logic.

8. Define rateplans (will allow you to have different prices for different passenger nationalities). If the hotel gave you only one price and allocation, then you should define a rateplan called "All World" and to include here all nationalities.

9. Add available extras for this contract

10. Define allocation. You should first define the master allocation (which will mirror the allocation gave to you by the hotel) and after this, you are free to split the allocation to your clients, or, directly to your online reservation system (meaning that you expose the allocation to all your online clients)

11. Define the rates based on the seasons you defined together with the contract

12. Define the freesale. Mind that you can add the blackout dates by defining freesale CLOSED days. (of course this task can be covered in the seasons definition too, but the task will take much longer in this way, so better use freesale - CLOSED status to define blackouts)

13. Define special deals (optional)

14. Define CXL policies and children policies.

15. Add property rules (if any)


After completing these steps, the only task to do is to update the database using the developer menu option - Static Data Update.(this task has to be performed only first time when you add a hotel)



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