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Use the B2B whitelabeling facility.


The B2B whitelabel will allow login from any website directly into the sales platform, using a login form. The steps for installing a B2B whitelabel login form are:

1. Using cPanel  (or any other tool), change your domain settings, go to Advance DNS Editor Zone and add a CNAME which to point to (for instance you can add which to be redirected to

2. You have to send an email to telling us that you finished adding the CNAME record.

3. You should check that the redirection is in place by typing and you should arrive on traviola login page.

4. Add the login form in your website using this code:

<form method="post" action="">




                            Root <br/>

                            <input type="text" name="root" />



                            Username <br/>

                            <input type="text" name="username" />



                            Password <br/>

                            <input type="password" name="password" />




                            <input type="submit" value="Login" />






That's all! Now you should be able to login from your website.

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