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Define resellers in your system


The reservations can be done in Traviola only by resellers. There is only one exception, the administrator can choose one of his resellers to make reservations in his behalf. Though, the administrator of the system (the root agency) will not be able to make reservations for himself.

The root agency has to create a reselling agency, for himself, which can have no markups, in behalf of whom to make reservations, if he want to book a service for himself, otherwise, logged as root user, it is not possible to book without choosing one reseller in behalf of whom to reserve.

To add a new reseller in the system, choose Control Panel -> Agencies Settings -> List Agencies -> Add Agency. You have to add the general infromation regarding the agency together with general information for the administrator of that agency.

NOTE: Please note that the agencies can be set as being on prepayment or on credit. On prepayment means that they can make reservations but they cannot issue the voucher to their clients till they pay the service, while on credit, they can issue the voucher for their clients anytime and the system will debit their credit line when they perform this action and will restore the credit line when they pay for the reservation.

At any moment, an agency set on credit, can make reservations and issue vouchers only under the constrain of their credit limit.

The system is keeping full credit history for all the agents: Agencies Settings -> Credit history so an administrator can search and check at any moments all the operations, historically ordered, which affected the credit limit.

As the application allow the agents to have their own sub-agents, the agents will be able to split the credit limit with their sub-agents, allowing these to issue the vouchers to their clients by their own. Of course and agent, cannot grant a bigger credit limit to his sub-agent than the one he has from the administrator.

 The add new agency process is explained here too:


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